Onset Workshop 

Here, you will soon be able to find full Onset packages and 3D models. You can post your own scripts and models through the product uploading form: Contact Page

Onset needs time for its community to develop. Through the Onset Workshop, I wish to support all the Onset content creators who spend their time into that game. I wish to build a suitable platform where developers and modellers will be able to publish their work and fill Onset with good content. Every free product will be protected with a Creative Commons licence, customizable by the content creator to control the usage of his work.
Before being posted, every product is checked to assure that it is safe to use.

Onset Website: https://playonset.com/

Onset Workshop ToDo List (Main Projects):
– Engage a professional to do in depth verifications of products
– Make a simple user panel
– Write the Product Uploading Guidelines
– More complete and advanced products search bar
– Implement a “Certified Product” label ?
– Possibility to make support tickets to products’ creators directly through the Onset Workshop
– Maybe implement a DRM ? (as long as it has no negative impact on scripts)
– Make product modifications publishable on the original product’s page
– Onset Workshop Forum
What the Onset Workshop offers:
– Visibility for the content creators and their work
– Written and video descriptions for products as well as a downloads counter
– Product rating
– Security checks of products
– Possibility for content creators to customize their Creative Commons licenses in order to control the usage of their work.

Contact me

If you wish to contact me to report a bug, to ask a question, for support, or for any global feedback on the Onset Workshop, you can send be an email at contact@onsetworkshop.com

To upload a product on the Workshop, please fill the form below. Your creation will be checked and you will be contacted back in the following week to talk about your work or directly publish it. At the moment, only free products are accepted.

Your username will be displayed on the product page as the creator of the product
To contact you back
For Search Engine Optimization and to summarize what your creation is about
How your creation works, how to install, requirements, future updates, links (GitHub link ?), etc.
If you wish to upload your creation for free, put 0. If your product is not free, you will receive 90% of the price you enter. Onset Workshop will receive 10%, including PayPal fee.
You can communicate me YouTube video links that will be added to the description

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